Land Rigs

Land Rigs

Martech Energy offers a wide variety of rigs, both new and second-hand, including mechanical, SCR and AC / VFD drilling rigs. All common substructure types are available including box-on-box, swing-up and slingshot as well as skidding, walking and train-type rigs.

Our portfolio also includes fast-moving mobile rigs (both truck-mounted and trailer-mounted) plus a range of workover rigs. Below is a selection of Land Rigs which are currently available for Sale.

Custom-built Mobile Rigs:

Martech Energy acts as an in-house partner for a manufacturer of custom-built trailer-mounted, walking, Super Single Rigs. Given our close relationship with the manufacturer, we can facilitate any necessary re-engineering to suite our clients’ requirements. These rigs are considered some of the best-value trailer-mounted rigs on the market today.

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