2000HP Mid Continent U1220EB Rig

2000HP Mid-Continent U-1220-EB Rig

FOR SALE: Used 2,000HP Mid-Continent U-1220-EB Drilling Rig

Second-hand 2,000HP rig available, equipped with a 2500hp Mid-Continent U-1220-EB drawworks. Currently only two DC traction motors installed so rated at 2000hp. This can be upgraded to 2500hp with the addition of a third DC motor. The rig is also modified with a walking system. The hydraulic feet are not included in this package, but can be sourced separately.

Rig owner will rig the rig up and test run everything prior to shipping.

Full rig package available with auxiliary equipment, including Cameron and Shaffer BOP's. Drill string not included.

Mid-Continent U-1220-EB drawworks with:
Baylor 7838 Elmagco auxiliary brake
1-1/2” Lebus grooving

Mast: International Derrick Services 142’ mast
Static Hook Load: 1,250,000 lbs
Rated Depth: 25,000’ as a 2,000hp / 28-30,000’ as a 2,500hp

30’ box-on-box substructure (26’ clear under beams)
Veristic walking system (package does not include hydraulic feet or HPU)

Engines / Generators:
(3) Caterpillar D3512B gen sets / Kato 6P6-3300 (1365 KW) AC generators
Omron/IDM SCR unit

Mud Pumps:
(2) Lewco WH-1612 (1600 hp) triplex mud pumps
Driven by 2 DC traction motors on each

Traveling Equipment:
Oilwell 500 ton traveling block

Rotary Table:
500ton capacity SJ Petro 27-1/2”

Top Drive:
500ton capacity NOV-Varco TDS-11

Condition: Used
Date of fabrication: Approx. 2009
Location: USA
Lead-time: available immediately

* All information made available is given in good faith but without guarantee.

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