Second hand European 3000HP AC VFD Drilling Rig for Sale

3000HP AC VFD Rig for Sale / Lease

FOR SALE OR LEASE: Used 3000HP AC VFD Drilling Rig

A late model, European 3,000HP AC VFD rig package available for sale or lease. This rig has only drilled 2 wells and is currently off contract. This represents a rare opportunity to acquire a high quality, nearly new rig at a substantial discount. Price recently reduced!

Effective height: 160’
Static Hook Load: 2,000,000 lbs (with 16 lines)
Racking Board: 7,000m of 5 ½’’ Drill Pipe

Height: 12.19m
Max. Setback capacity: 1,000,000lbs
Casing load capacity: 2,000,000lbs
Simultaneous capacity: 3,000,000lbs

Rated Drilling Depth: 7,000m

AC Single drum line groove 1 ¾” driven by:
(3) AC Electric Motors 1400HP
Auxiliary Brake: Aker with model WN72

Engines / Generators:
(5) Caterpillar 3512 each powering a Caterpillar SR4 generator

Crown Block:
Max. load capacity: 1,000 tons
Sheaves: 7x72”+1 fast line sheave x 72” + 1 dead line sheave x 42”)

37 ½’’ gear box transmission driven by AC Electric motor GEB22
Continuous rating: 1150HP
Max. load capacity: 650 tons (1,300,000 lbs.)

Top Drive:
TESCO 750T, 1350HP ESI top drive
Hoisting capacity: 750 tons
Max. speed: 218 RPM
Max. torque: 72,000

Mud Pumps:
(3) 1600HP triplex single acting mud pumps, max. WP 7,500 psi
Driven by (2) Electric Motors, 1150HP each, per each pump

Mud System:
Mud pit capacity: 3270 bbls.

Mud Shaker:
3 sets x Swaco Mongoose Shaker

Well Control:
13 5/8’’ 5,000 psi T3 Model 7028 Annular BOP (or equivalent)
13 5/8’’ 10,000 psi T3 Model 6012 Diamond series double ram BOP
13 5/8’’ 10,000 psi T3 Model 6012 Diamond series single ram BOP
BOP closing control unit, FKQ1280-8
3 1/16’’10k psi choke manifold

To accommodate 110 persons

Condition: Used
Date of fabrication: 2012
Location: Middle East
Lead-time: available immediately

* All information made available is given in good faith but without guarantee.

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