Used 1500HP AC VFD IDM Drilling Rigs available for Sale

1500HP AC Cantilever Triples Rigs for Sale

FOR SALE: 1500HP AC VFD Cantilever Triples Drilling Rigs

(2) used 1500HP AC VFD rigs available for Sale. These are 2008-build Cantilever Mast on Dolly, Hydraulic Lift, Triples drilling rigs. Below is a brief summary. Please contact us for more details as each rig package may vary.

Estimated Drilling Depth: 14,400'

Height: 136'
Static Hook Load Capacity: 750,000 lbs
Mast Racking Capacity: 20,000'

Style: telescoping Height: 22’
Clear Height: 18.3’
Casing Capacity: 750,000 lbs
Maximum Setback Load: 400,000 lbs

Make: IDM
Power Rating: 1600HP
Input Power: (1) General Electric GEB28-A1
Brake Type: Disc

Top Drive
Make: Canrig Drilling Technology
Model: 1035AC-500
Capacity: 350 Ton
Torque – Continuous: 30,000 ft-lb @ 160 RPM

Make: American Block
Model: A-400
Capacity: 400 Ton

Rotary Table
Make: American Block RK 375
Table Opening: 37-1/2"
Maximum Load Rating: 650 Ton

Power Generation
Engines: (3) Cummins KTA 50 DR
Generators: (3) Kato AA27930000

Mud System
Mud Pumps: (2) Jieneng-Tfi-rig JF-1600
Power Rating: 1600HP @ 120 spm
Pressure Rating: 5000 psi
Active Mud Volume: 893 bbls
Reserve Mud Volume: 1,912 bbls
Shale Shakers: (3) MI Swaco Mongoose
Desander: MI Swaco 12" X 3 Cones
Desilter: MI Swaco 4" X 16 Cones

Well Control
Single Ram Preventer: 13-5/8” 10000 psi, Cameron, Type U-SGL
Single Ram Preventer: 13-5/8", Cameron
Choke Manifold: T3 Energy Services 4-1/16" 10000 psi

Condition: Used
Build Year: 2008
Quantity: 2 rigs available – Individual rig details may vary
Location: Middle East
Lead-time: available immediately

* All information made available is given in good faith but without guarantee.

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