Offshore Rigs

Offshore Rigs

Martech Energy offers a variety of second-hand offshore drilling rigs, including barge rigs, jackups, semisubmersibles and drillships. Our portfolio represents an exciting opportunity to acquire offshore rigs which are in class and in working condition. Certain assets included in our portfolio could also be suitable for conversion projects such accommodation units and MOPU's. Below is a selection of Offshore Rigs which are currently available for Sale.

Our Process:

1. Receive brief technical descriptions 2. Confirm interest to Martech Energy 3. Sign NDA 4. Receive information package/documents 5. Due Diligence, including inspection of the rig and its documents 6. Present a formal offer 7. Negotiate the final sales and purchase agreement 8. Closing

Offshore Rigs Listings

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  • “It was great dealing with someone who had the knowledge and expertise to make our deal go so smoothly.”

    Operations Manager - North Dakota, USA
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