83m Platform Supply Vessel for Sale

83m Platform Supply Vessel - Sale, Lease

FOR RESALE OR CHARTER: 83m Platform Supply Vessel

2018-build PSV available and able to fulfill the general demands of the offshore industry for the transportation of cement, liquid mud, base oil, brine, fuel oil, fresh water, recovered oil, low flashpoint liquids and dry bulk cargo. Bridge consoles arranged according to NAUT-OSV (A) requirements. The vessel is equipped with a DP2 system.

The ship is propelled by two diesel electric driven azimuth thrusters. Power is supplied by four resilient mounted diesel generator sets. One tunnel thruster and one retractable azimuth thruster on FWD are electrical driven controllable pitch type. Four tanks arranged below main deck to carry liquids with low flashpoint below 43C.

Main Information:
Length, overall: abt. 83.40m
Length between perpendiculars: abt. 76.50m
Beam (MLD.): abt. 18.00m
Depth (MLD.): abt. 8.00m
Designed draft: abt.6.00m
Scantling draft: abt.6.70m
Deadweight at designed draft: abt. 3,100t
Deadweight at scantling draft: abt. 4,000t
Gross Tonnage: abt. 3,900GRT
Trial Speed: 14.5kn
Fuel Oil (Cargo): abt. 1,475m3
Fresh Water (Cargo): abt. 1,055m3
Complement: 30 Persons
Drill Water / W.B.: abt. 1,620m3
Dry bulk: abt. 255m3
Base Oil: abt. 265m3
Liquid Mud: abt. 1,295m3
Slop: abt. 505m3
Brine: abt. 1,295m3
Low Flashpoint Liquids: abt. 155m3
Recovered Oil: abt. 660m3

Main Engine Generator sets: 1,550kw x2 + 910kw x2
Electrical Propulsion Motors: 1,600kw x2
Main azimuth thruster with CPP: 1,600kw x2
Emergency Generator: 180kw
Tunnel Thruster: 880kw
Retractable azimuth thruster: 880kw

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