Jackup Rig LeTourneau Super 116C No1

Jackup Rig LeTourneau Super 116-C No. 1

FOR SALE: LeTourneau Super 116-C Jackup Rig

A LeTourneau Super 116-C, 350 fsw rated, 15k dual BOP jack-up. It is a modern rig with numerous productivity-enhancing features including improved hydraulic horsepower from larger and more powerful mud pumps, optimized pipe-handling to facilitate “off-line” stand-building and a dual mud system which will allow for the efficient and simultaneous handling of drilling and completion fluids.

General Information:

Jackup Type: Independent leg
Rig Design: LeTourneau Super 116-C
Year Built: 2008
Classification: ABS

Max Water Depth (ft): 350
Max Drill Depth (ft): 30,000

Dimensions (ft): 243 x 206 x 16
Leg Length (ft): 477

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