Sale & Purchase

Martech Energy primarily assists in the sale and purchase of new and second-hand drilling rigs and capital drilling equipment, acting as intermediaries (or negotiators) between clients.

Our brokerage service together with our extensive network of contacts and our knowledge of the market makes Martech Energy an excellent choice for buyers and sellers worldwide.


Martech Energy is able to offer land rigs on short-, medium- and long-term leases, subject to conditions. This enables our clients to take advantage of the added flexibility of leasing as well as offering an interesting alternative to traditional debt-based financing.

In the offshore sector, Martech Energy, together with its partners, is able to offer highly structured financing alongside, or as an alternative to, traditional financing. This is an integrated approach, with Martech Energy essentially providing a presence on a client’s in-house team, guiding and developing low cost, risk adjusted alternatives using the client’s owned assets or assets to be acquired.

Technical Services

Martech Energy provides a full range of inspection and re-certification services through our qualified and highly experienced partners, allowing our clients to reduce risk and ensure a safer working environment.

In addition, we also offer rig repair, refurbishment, upgrade and modification services. This enables our clients to increase the competitive advantage of their aging assets, for example by retro-fitting walking systems or by customizing rigs for different working environments.


Martech Energy is an expert in procurement and well placed to help clients expand their sourcing options. We are in constant contact with equipment manufacturers in Europe, North America and Asia as well as drilling contractors worldwide who wish to sell unwanted equipment.

Working closely with clients, we can offer a completely outsourced procurement process, with transparent bidding, which includes our pre-agreed fee.

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  • “It was great dealing with someone who had the knowledge and expertise to make our deal go so smoothly.”

    Operations Manager - North Dakota, USA
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